How We Work

Choosing a lawyer to represent you is a highly personal matter. It is important that you have a strong rapport with your legal counsel and a relationship built on trust and mutual respect.

In all our dealings with clients, we undertake to:

Our clients include a diverse range of people: mums and dads, couples buying their first home; people who have suffered the loss of their partner or been the victim of an accident; through to sole proprietors, small to medium sized enterprises and property developers.

Our reputation over the past 65 plus years has been built on strong repeat business from our clients and their families and referrals from satisfied clients.

We also pride ourselves on being an informal and relaxed team ā€“ unlike the solemn stereotyped image usually associated with the legal profession.

To me the law seems like a sort of maze through which a client must be led to safety, a collection of reefs, rocks and underwater hazards through which he or she must be piloted.
John Mortimer, Clinging to the Wreckage, 1982, Ch 7