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All businesses, large and small need know they are complying with Australian Law. Our commercial law team can assist with questions and matters related to the legal requirements of your business.

If you’re wanting to buy or sell a business, start a partnership, trust or joint venture, we can help.

If you’re struggling to stay across important changes and constantly evolving requirements in corporate governance and industrial relations, we can help.

Our commercial team can talk you through your obligations and the options available to ensure you meet your business’ legal requirements now and into the future.

Business ownership comes the expectation you know and fulfil your legal obligations at all times.

With Williams, Woolf and Zuur, you can access a full range of advisory and expert commercial services to support every type of business, including:

    • business structures
    • company incorporations
    • dissolution of partnerships
    • purchase of business
    • contract drafting
    • share sale agreement
    • sale of a business
    • provide advice on trust structures
    • corporate governance

    Our commercial experts will listen to you and provide advice to ensure you best meet your legal requirements, so you can get on with focusing on what you do best – leading your business.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      We have helped hundreds of clients commercial law issues. Here are a few common questions.

      What do commercial lawyers do?

      A commercial lawyer assists with the legal, financial and commercial aspects of running a business, in particular reviewing necessary paperwork, and provides expert advice on a range of areas for compliance such as:

      • Setting up a business
      • Reviewing shareholder agreements
      • Purchasing or selling a business including due diligence
      • Purchasing, leasing or selling commercial equipment or property
      • Legal matters for online businesses. 
      What do I need to do to start a business?

      When starting a business we recommend you tap into a community of highly qualified professionals that can assist you either start, grow or change your business structure.

      Aside from a lawyer, we would recommend you connect with a range of professionals. Depending your business, that may include: accountants, financial planners, tax and immigration advisors, insurance and finance brokers.


      Can you help me with employment contracts?

      Yes,  our commercial legal team can provide advice and assistance in the area of Employment Law.

      Do you need a lawyer to sell a business?

      Selling a business can be time consuming and complicated. There are a number of factors you should consider including how to value your business, find buyers, negotiate the sale and prepare the contract etc.

      Business lawyers are professionals who specialise in buying and selling businesses. They can help you understand legal and government requirements and make the process of selling your business less stressful.

      As a Director can I be held liable for company debts?

      The Corporations Act 2001 does contain provisions that may result in the director of a company becoming personally liable for some or all of the debts of the company.

      A lawyer can assist you on how to protect yourself against potential liability.

      Getting the right representation is easy

      Protect yourself and your family by getting sound commercial advice. 

      Know where you stand

      We’ll assess your current situation – the good, bad and the ugly – so you can plan for a successful future.

      Strategise for success

      We’ll help you look at your options and develop strategies to maintain and strengthen your position.

      Achieve your goals

      We’ll work tirelessly to help you achieve your goals and review your needs as your business evolves.

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