Northern Beaches Property Law

Knowing what you must do, and by when, can make or break a property transaction. Ensuring you have fulfilled your obligations as either a property owner, purchaser, landlord or tenant is essential to a successful outcome.

Our property law and conveyancing practitioners will guide you through the issues involved in the sale, purchase or ownership of property.

Williams Woolf & Zuur have served the Sydney Northern Beaches community since 1946. We’ve built a solid reputation based on our honesty, integrity, and successful outcomes for our valued clients.

Whether you are buying or selling a home or an investment, need help with a Strata issue or have a dispute with a neighbour, we draw on the skills and experience of our team to work towards a positive outcome.

Buying or Selling

Worried you’re leaving yourself exposed? Need to understand what problems may make your contract of sale invalid? Don’t know what questions to ask?
Protect your most valuable asset. Contact our property law practitioners today.


Secured tenants, but don’t have a rental agreement? Or are you a tenant needing help with negotiations, renewal, extension, variation or surrender of your lease?
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Strata and community title

Who is responsible when it comes to communally-owned property? Don’t know your rights when it comes to voting, fees, levies, parking, parties and pets?
Know where you stand. Get in touch with Williams Woolf & Zuur today.


Dispute resolution

Questions about who is at fault for property damage? Need clarity over responsibilities for construction related repairs? Got blocked views or zoning issues?
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Frequently Asked Questions

We have helped hundreds of clients navigate property law. Here are a few common questions.

How can a lawyer help with a real estate purchase or sale?

Buying or selling a property is a complex transaction, but it doesn’t need to be stressful when there’s someone who can ensure that your interests are properly protected.

A lawyer experienced in property can help by guiding you through every step of the transaction, conducting a deed and title search, reviewing and explaining all documents before you sign, and in general protecting your legal rights.

This can facilitate a faster and more beneficial transaction while avoiding costly, unnecessary delays or expenses.

When a dispute arises, is going to court my only option?

Let’s face it, disputes happen. Many real estate disputes may be resolved outside the courtroom through negotiation and mediation.

This will usually be the first and recommended course of action, with litigation only considered if it is impossible to reach an out-of-court agreement.

What are some of the issues that a rental or lease agreement may address?

A rental or lease agreement should outline a number of key factors related to the rental or lease of property.

This may include payments, recourse for missed payments, the duration of the contract, what the property can be used for, who is liable for repairs or damage, and whether pets are allowed, for example.

A legally sound, thorough agreement is important if you want to avoid potential issues and disputes.

Do I have any options in the face of mortgagee resposession?

If you’re facing mortgagee reposession, you have options. You may be able to avoid a forced sale entirely and save your home through loan modification.

Your options will vary depending on your goals and the unique situation.

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