Estates, Wills and Succession Planning

Planning and executing a Will can be an emotional and stressful experience, but it doesn’t need to be.

If you’re unsure what ‘business’ needs to happen to take care of your loved ones after you die or if you need to defend or contest a Will, we can help.

At Williams, Woolf & Zuur our estate practitioners will listen to you and ensure your wishes are codified and your assets preserved, managed and distributed, so you can rest assured you’ve taken care of your loved ones.

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With Williams, Woolf and Zuur, you can access a full range of advisory and expert services for estate matters, including:

    • Estate planning
    • Wills and trusts
    • Power of attorney
    • Beneficiary designations
    • Letters of intent
    • Healthcare power of attorney
    • Guardianship designations
    • Probate
    • Letters of administration
    • Executorships
    • Contest Wills
    • Mediation

    Frequently Asked Questions

    We have helped hundreds of clients create, execute and contest a Will. Here are a few common questions.

    Do I need to make a Will?

    Everyone should have a Will, especially if you have a family or other dependants.

    Benefits to making a Will include:

    • Being able to direct how your property is distributed, including gifts to friends and family, charities and other persons.
    • Avoiding additional expense, difficulty, delay and possible anguish in relation to distributing your estate.

    When making your Will, you should appoint an executor. This is the person who will handle your affairs after you die, and ensures your wishes are carried out. You can name more than one executor and you can choose anyone to be the executor.

    Can I leave my assets to anyone I like?

    Yes, as long as you make proper provision for your spouse and children, otherwise, they could challenge your Will.

    When should I review my Will?

    Wills should be regularly reviewed to ensure that they reflect your current situation and wishes.

    It is recommended that Wills be reviewed every 5 years or when significant life events occur for example marriage and death of a beneficiary or executor.

    How can a solicitor help me?

    Lawyers can give a range of advice to help you in the Will and estate planning process, including:

    • How to provide adequately for your spouse and children,
    • Help outline capital gains tax (in consultation with your accountant),
    • Make sure your wishes are correctly documented,
    • Make sure your Will is properly drawn, signed and witnessed,
    • Keep your will in safe custody.
    What is a power of attorney?

    It is a legal document that appoints a person to act on your behalf, with regards to managing your assets.

    This is an ordinary power of attorney, which becomes invalid if you lose the capability to make financial decisions.

    What is estate planning?

    An estate plan involves a number of legal documents that detail how you want to be looked after if something happens to you.

    It also outlines how your estate and assets will be protected while you are alive and then distributed after your death.

    The following can be included in an estate plan:

    • Last Will and Testament,
    • Substitute decision-maker,
    • Advanced care directives,
    • Enduring power of attorney,
    • Trusts, including testamentary trusts.
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